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Volunteer Opportunities

What is a Volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of most performing arts centers around the country. Volunteers serve in a variety of positions – everything from driving a nationally known artist to the airport to stuffing envelopes and helping with bulk mailings. A Volunteer is someone who cares about Foothills Playhouse and wants to help us make it a success. A Volunteer is a dependable, friendly, outgoing person with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. A Volunteer may be YOU!

Here is a Volunteer Information sheet and Volunteer Application just for you.

What skills do I need?

The skills a Volunteer needs are pretty basic, with the exception of a few types of Volunteers. Stage crew Volunteers and Box Office and Concession Volunteers need some specialized skills (which the Playhouse Board will be happy to train you in). But the basic skills all Volunteers need are: patience, dependability, commitment, thoroughness, friendliness, and a deep care for the Playhouse and our community. We can teach you which button to push or where the Snickers Bars are stored. We can’t teach you to be the other things.

If you have a specific skill or set of skills you would like to share with us and with others, we will find a place for you in our Volunteer Family. Just let us know!

Who can be a Volunteer?


If you have the basic skills listed on the previous tab and want to try volunteering for Foothills Playhouse, just let us know. You can call us at (864) 855-1817, or send us an email at volunteers@fhplayhouse.com. You can even indicate the type of volunteering you would like to do and we will do our best to get you in the position you want. But please keep in mind that we need all of the Volunteer positions filled for each show. We can’t start duplicating positions until all the required ones are filled.

What jobs can a Volunteer do?

There are many areas in which to serve as a Volunteer. Here are a few:

Ushering at FP is easy and fun, plus you get to see the show for free! We need between 2 and 4 Volunteer ushers for all performances at the Playhouse. The larger the show and the larger the potential audience, the more Ushers we will need. Ushers also may tear tickets, sell concessions, hand out programs /playbills as needed and help tidy up the theater before/after the show. Ushers are required to arrive one hour before the curtain. Ushers need to dress in appropriate attire and please no flip-flops or loose sandals.

Volunteer Greeters stand at the front entrance of the Playhouse to welcome Guests and Patrons and direct them to the correct lines for ticket sales, will call tickets, concessions, or, if they have their tickets in hand, the entrance to the auditorium.

Ticket Takers
We need between 1-2 Volunteer ticket takers for all performances at the Playhouse. These Volunteers are located just outside the inner lobby doors and tear tickets as the audience enters the auditorium. They may, also, hand out programs/playbills if needed.

Ticket Sellers
We need Volunteers to help sell tickets at the door for some events at the Playhouse. These Volunteers should have good money handling skills. It is also preferred that these Volunteers come from a small, regular pool of between 6 and 10 Volunteers as each Volunteer ticket seller will need to be trained on the operation of the Box Office. The Box Office is to open 1 hr. before shows and stays open until 30 minutes after the show has started.

Will Call Desk
We need at least 1 Volunteer to man the Will Call desk. Volunteers hand out tickets at the door to Patrons who have previously paid for them online or over the phone and just need to pick their tickets up. There is no money involved with this task.

We need 1 or 2 Volunteers for every performance to sell concessions. Concessions are usually sold at intermission, lasting 15-20 minutes.

Stage Crew
These Volunteers would work in assorted technical positions on a performance. The number needed depends on the size and difficulty of the show. This could include, helping set up the stage, speakers, and lights, running a follow spot during a show, or other “run crew” positions. These are probably the most physically demanding Volunteer positions as they often require extended physical activity and lifting. But they are often the most exciting positions. All sound/light crew must be trained and checked off by the Foothills Playhouse Technical Director, Maurice Reed.

Stage Manager
Provide practical and organizational support to the director, actors, designers, stage crew, and technicians throughout the production process. The role of the Stage Manager has several key responsibilities and tasks in each phase of a production, which may include: help select and coordinate the stage crew, calling cues, organization of stage props before/during/after each show, overseeing the entire show each time it is performed, etc.

We need experienced seamstresses to assist with making and/or altering costumes. Please provide us with a sample of your work so skill levels can be assessed. This is a team venture that is overseen and coordinated by Foothills Playhouse Costume Mistress.

Musicians & Choreographer’s
These Volunteers assist with our musical productions. Work with Director’s and Producers to ensure a quality production.

These Volunteers vary in the quantity and frequency needed. These Volunteers would help with bulk mailings, poster and flyer distribution, phone campaigns and ticket sales.

Don’t forget that the Foothills Playhouse elected Board of Directors, and the associated Playhouse committees are ALL Volunteers. No one doing any of these duties is paid. These Volunteers truly help define and direct the vision of the Playhouse.


There are several benefits to serving as a Volunteer at the Foothills Playhouse. These include:

• Free admission to the events you are Volunteering to work
• Advance notice of upcoming events.
• Insider information on events.
• The chance to work with talented artists on a one-to-one basis.
• A chance to get to know others in our community and make new acquaintances and friends.
• The knowledge that you are helping to continue the Playhouse for generations to come.
• Earning community service points for your organization, if they are so offered.